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>> deputy city attorney. the committee can essentially mix and match. if the applicant has applied for one of the positions on the agenda item, you can appoint her to a different position. >> thank you. so i would like to have a discussion around appointing mendoza -- to seat number 1 possibly. ms. lewis to seat 6. mr. hershkowitz to 5.
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ms. crisp to seat number 7. i am open for discussion around this. >> supervisor kim: -- a supervisor farrell and i have learned over the last two years we have more qualified applicants then seats. their motion is louisa mendoza for seat 1. daniel hershkowitz for seat 5. >> joyce lewis for seat 6. and robia crisp for seat 7. >> okay.
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six applicants. for me personally, it's hard when you have so many qualified applicants. i was impressed with mr. hershkowitz as well; i would like to point you for a seat not just because of your background but because of your enthusiasm. and making it easier for many of our homeowners. i would like to see you go forward and one of those seats as well. i was equally impressed by all the other candidates; it is nice to have female candidates. it's great to see so many women opposite the last committee. especially in real estate property here in san francisco.
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i was impressed by diana, daniel, joyce lewis, luisa mendoza. unfortunately i do not get to speak with -- a land-use attorney. typically we ask that candidates come before us but ms. crisp made a particular outreach to our office knowing that she could not be here today and i appreciate that. with the permanent alternate seats, i would like to ask the candidates if you have a preference between permanent and temporary so that we don't put you on places where you might have a slight not preference for. with joyce it was clearly an alternate seat.
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with mendoza, you only apply for the full seat. >> my preferences permanent. >> but you are open to -- right. with ms. crisp, not here to answer the question. mr. hershkowitz. >> my preference is permanent. >> ms. daniel? >> (off mic) >> do you have a slight preference? >> not really -ofm (off mic) >> >> supervisor kim: my colleagues are comfortable mr. hershkowitz.
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>> i withdraw my nomination for robia crisp. everybody is so good that it is hard. diana daniel, you both named her. >> we can always revisit every name. ms. mendoza, mr. hershkowitz and ms. daniel, however you feel divying up betwen
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alternate and permanent. >> ms. mendoza seat 1. ms. lewis for seat 6, ms. daniel for seat 7. >> i will make that motion. >> i will second. >> motion and the second. all the applicants are incredibly impressive and it is really great to see so many people interested in the committee esoteric to members of the of the public. two new individuals with fresh blood cook and
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who can and enfuse energy and enthusiasm. we look forward to working with you. we have the motion and second. we encourage everyone else who did not make it today to reapply. supervisor yee will be chairing rules committee and maybe seeing you over the next two years. we have seen applicants that we were not able to support the first time around come back and be able to support them again. hopefully you will do that again. we hope that ms. crisp who was very enthusiastic will be able to apply again. thank you for being here and appreciate your patience as we make difficult decisions. item number five.
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>> appointment to the reentry council. one seat, 10 applicants. >> thank you. >> so at this time -- it would can ask members of the public to exit the committee room. we have other items on the agenda. thank you. we did get a request from the reentry council to continue this; the council will like to do more outreach to request applicants. we have a motion and a second. we'll continue this item at the call of the chair.
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can we rescind the vote to contineu? we have rescinded. thank you madam clerk for the reminder. >> (singing)
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>> thank you mr. paulson. public comment is closed. we have a motion to continue to the call of the chair, until applicants complete their applications. we have that motions. we will second that, i can do that without objection. (gavel) before we enter a emotion to convene in closed sessions,
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is there any member that wants to make a comment? seeing none. at this time we asked members of the public to please exit the room >> during the close session the committee voted to forward item 6-11 the full board with recommendations. >> thank you cannot entertain the motion to close to close session. we can do that without opposition. anything else on the agenda? >> no madam chair. >> seeing none, meeting is adjourned.
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>> in january everything changes. all of san francisco's parking meters will now be enforced 7 days a week. feeding the meter 7 days a week reduces parking demand in commercial corridors and for most faster turn over of the parking spaces. the muni system has improved for sunday. learn more about 7 day meters at c transit take st 88. we are at mount davidson and it has the highest point of elevation in san francisco hitting a whopping 928 feet. mt. davidson provides a
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peaceful 30-acre owe ace and great hiking trails. the spectacular views offers a perfect place to watch the sunrise or suffer sun set with someone you louvre, wear sturdy shows to conquer the stone trails and denly inventory advantage gives you hikers the sensation of being in a rain forest it's quite a hike to the top here at mount davidson but the view
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